What Does Love Have to Do With It

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“Follow this humorous memoir from the life of a codependent through a journey of the decades. Born to an alcoholic father and surviving the trials of Catholic School Mary encounters challenges in a male dominated profession while trying to juggle her beliefs about being a good wife and mother with her need to be independent.

In What Does Love Have to Do with it? Excruciating Lessons on My Path to Enlightenment Mary DeYon’s raw and honest stories tell of personal challenge and triumph as life unfolds through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s to now. It’s nothing short of inspiring to follow her path as a woman transforms an experience of pain and victimhood to a life of freedom and spiritual awakening.”

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Selling Made Simple

Why You Need It

Are you frustrated with your sales performance? Selling is a skill which can be mastered when you learn the right techniques from someone with proven results! In “Selling Made Simple” award winning salesperson Mary DeYon reveals her three steps to successful selling without feeling like a “sleazy salesperson.” In her first sales job, Mary became the top salesman in her company after only five months. She was promoted to the manager and managed eight guys old enough to be her dad. In her second year in that position they became the top store in the chain of eight. In her next position as a sales rep she won the awards for largest sales increase, largest sale in company history, and the largest profit margin achieved.In this program, learn Mary’s SECRETS to creating a fulfilling career in sales by building relationships while earning an excellent income.


Time Management Made Simple

Why You Need It

Do you feel like there’s never enough time to accomplish everything on your To-Do list? You’re not alone! The majority of people feel this way. What if a few new habits could dramatically increase your productivity at work and provide you more leisure time? And how about an extra free hour a day to read, relax, exercise, or to spend with your family? It’s all about properly managing your time! Time Management is a skill that can be learned. In this audio program “Time Management Made Simple,” Mary DeYon shares vital and effective organizational skills that will propel your career to help you accomplish more in less time.


Sleeping Made Simple

Why You Need It

Are you sleep challenged? Do you find it hard to fall asleep at night and stay asleep? Discover the SECRETS you have never been taught about how to fix your sleeping problems once and for all. In this “Sleeping Made Simple” audio program, Mary DeYon shares why sleep is so important, what stops you from getting a good night’s sleep, and exactly what type of nightly routine can help you get the rest you need. When you sleep better you’ll perform better at work, you’ll be a better parent, friend, and partner. Learn how to transform your sleeping habits and you’ll feel amazing every day!


Overcoming Blocks Made Simple

Why You Need It

Are you having trouble achieving the results that you desire in your career and your life no matter what you try? In this audio program “Overcoming Blocks Made Simple,” Mary DeYon shares practical and proven steps on how you can transform self-defeating behaviors including procrastination, perfectionism, and self-sabotage. She also shares how to tackle resistance when it shows up (especially when you make changes in your life). You can accomplish anything you want when you learn how to overcome obstacles when they present themselves. Discover how to get out of your own way and free yourself from negative habits so that you can create the career and the life of your dreams!


Self-Confidence Made Simple

Why You Need It

Do you feel like you’re never good enough? The level of your self-confidence determines how successful you will be. If you often have self-doubt, you’re sabotaging your success in your career and your life. Isn’t it about time you reclaim your self-confidence and replace your self-doubt with self-worth? In this audio program, Mary DeYon discusses the reasons people feel “less than,” and reveals easy and proven steps to help you become the confident person you are meant to be. High self-esteem will help you tackle problems, improve your overall personality, and allow you to be a great leader. If you’re ready to step into your greatness in order to create an awesome career and live your best life, this program is for you!


Freedom From Codependency

Why You Need It

Have you been programmed to be the perfect little “People Pleaser” doing everything the way you were taught? When you grew up, were your feelings not respected so you weren’t able to acknowledge when you felt anger or grief? Are your boundaries so blurry that you feel responsible for others and their pain? When you live your life the way THEY said, you end up living for others and you never get to be who you really are. And when your thoughts go unmanaged, you tend to focus on your problems which creates a downward spiral where you lose hope. To quote Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” In this audio program, I teach you simple, yet powerful tools to help you see things in a whole new light and get empowered. Start changing your life starting TODAY! You can change your situation. I did it. I went from feeling crappy every day to feeling happy every day. Let me teach you how you can transform your life just like I did!

This Program Is For You If:

• You worry constantly
• You are always the responsible one
• You feel overwhelmed
• You feel you have to be perfect
• You are afraid to make a mistake
• You have a list of “shoulds” a mile long
• You suffer from shame and guilt
• You try to help others and get your self-worth from that
• You feel like a failure when you can’t help them, so you settle for just being needed

What you’ll learn:

• Explore the traits of a codependent and learn how you can use those traits to your advantage. (We have many great attributes.)
• Start putting ourselves first before doing everything for your spouse and your family. (This is not selfish, this is self-care.)
• How to deal with our anger, guilt and shame. (When we release these debilitating feelings, life becomes much easier.)
• Remember your true purpose. (You know, the dreams you had as a child.)
• Begin living in the flow. (Allow your God connection to show you the way.)
• And Much More!

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