Are you tired of feeling stuck? Do you seem to have the same problems year after year?

Learn how to design the life you’ve been yearning for.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You have journaled
  • You have done affirmations
  • You have read all the latest spiritual books
  • You have done the vision board
  • You have gone to therapy
  • You have had energy healings

But you still feel stuck getting to the life you want.

Deep down you knew there had to be better way.

There is so much information out there that it is easy to get confused. 

What if:

  • You had a recipe for success?
  • You could learn the tools and techniques to let go of the invisible blocks to your success.
  • You had a place you could go for the information that has helped others get to their dream life.

Tools for Transformation is a membership site that has all the tools and techniques you can use to heal yourself.

I had achieved success in many areas of my life, but I was still always worried about money, I was overweight, and I continued to enable the toxic people in my life to take advantage of me.

After using these tools and techniques:

  • I wake up in morning excited for my day.
  • If something is bothering me I know I have the tools to release it and get back to a great day.
  • I no longer worry about money and I’m financially successful.
  • I’ve lost over 30 lbs.
  • I now have great friends.
  • I have created healthy boundaries with the toxic people in my life.
  • I work from inspired action all day instead of all the Have-To’s.

I used one of these tools to find the perfect place to live.  That’s all I said, “Please find me the perfect place to live.”  I didn’t make a list of what I wanted, I didn’t do a vision board, I just put it out to the universe and the perfect place came to me:

  • I have a view of Mount Hood from my living room and office. See the pictures below!
  • My furniture fits the place better than the previous place I bought it for.
  • It’s in a community where I’ve met some great friends.
  • And it’s close to my son and granddaughters.
  • It’s perfect!

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better place! Isn’t my view breathtaking?

emotion code dr bradley nelson

These are the tools that successful people like me and my clients use to achieve their dreams. 

And it won’t take you 50 years to get there like me!

In this Tools for Transformation Membership site you will be able to take control of your life to have the life you want.  You’ll receive a combination of short audios and written text for you to learn the techniques.

  • You will learn how to get in touch with your intuition and be guided to what will work for you.
  • You will learn my Superpowers—all the tools and techniques that made me and my clients successful.
  • You will be able to heal yourself of past traumas and inherited baggage from your family

“I have been coaching with Mary and her entire program has really made some positive changes in my life. When I first started working with her, I was young, shy, timid, and going down a career path that I wasn’t entirely sure was for me. Fast forward to now I am way more in touch with myself and what I want my future to look like. I am successful in my career, which is a career that I am 100% happy with, I am way more independent, and I actually have a voice that I am not afraid to use. I know what I want and I am not afraid to go after it. This huge change in myself and in my career is the greatest thing that could have happened to me and I owe a lot of it to Mary and her program. Mary has also helped with certain anxieties that I face in my life. She has given me multiple exercises to utilize when I am facing these anxieties and they have helped tremendously. Mary is such a great person and if you get the chance to work with her, you won’t regret it! I hope that she helps you in the great ways that she has helped me!”

– MK, Battleground, WA

You knew there had to be a better way.

This is it!

With this program you will receive:

Access to all my Superpowers

  • First, there is my morning trio—creating a habit by doing this every morning will make your success skyrocket. 

o   Morning Magic—release all the negativity on paper and diffuse each issue to get back to your center.

o   Daily Energy Routine—a 5 minute routine that removes toxins and stress and builds up your immune system while protecting you from the electromagnetic waves from cell phones, computers, TV’s and microwaves.

o   Clear your Clutter–Keeping your home, car, office and even your purse clutter free is huge in moving forward to your goals. After you get organized it doesn’t take long when you do it every day.

  • Follow your inner GPS—learning to trust your intuition all day long.
  • Ask and Receive Method—this is an amazing guided meditation where you    program you subconscious to achieve what you want in life.
  • The Emotion Code— one of the best healing tools you can use to clear yourself of emotions that are dragging you down
  • Breathing Techniques—learn these to have ready for anxiety and sleep.
  • Boost Your Self Confidence—without confidence it is hard to go anywhere in life.
  • Relationships—tools to help your relationships to be fulfilling and lasting.
  • Information about other Superpowers. Including:

o   Reiki—a hands on healing technique you can use on yourself, others and animals

o   Ho’oponopono—the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness that produces peace and harmony in relationships

o   Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)—tap away anxiety and fear and tap in new positive programming

o   Feng Shui—learn how the balance and energy of your home and office can affect your life

o   Silva Mind Control—learn to program your mind like a billion dollar computer

o   Music and Dance—both of these can change your energy instantly from a bad mood to  good

o   Recommended books and Resources. Inspirational reading and other helpful resources.

  • Over 40 audios called Freedom from Codependency—short audios you can listen to in the car, while working out or while cooking dinner that help you heal from the many crazy facets of codependency.
  • Monthly Call–partly teaching these techniques and partly Q&A that will be recorded for future listening.


Also Includes Bonuses:

  • Balance your Body, Mind Spirit to live your best life.  When you are in balance, your life just flows magically in your favor.
  • Sleeping Made Simple—most of my clients have terrible sleep patterns.  This audio has some tools that can help.
  • Peaceful Meditation—an audio for relaxation.


This Membership site is for your if:

  • You want to take control of your life.
  • You are tired of dealing with the same issues over and over.
  • You want to make changes in your life but don’t know how.
  • You will take the time to learn the tools and create the habits to make a better life.
  • You knew there had to be a better way.
  • You want to have a fulfilling career.
  • You want to make a difference in the world.
  • You want your kids to see you as a success.


This Membership site is not for you if:

  • You want your life fixed without doing anything about it.
  • You don’t do the work after you buy the books, go to the seminars, and take the courses.
  • You are okay with continuing to live the life you have now.


IF NOT NOW, WHEN are you going to take the steps to create your best life?

You will be amazed at how you help your kids and relationships just by changing yourself.

With the right tools it won’t take long to notice the difference.

As a member, you will also receive a reduced rate on healing sessions.

You will also be able to join my private one on one coaching/healing program that has produced amazing results for my clients.


“When I first began the coaching program with Mary I felt like a scared little rabbit.  I was always nervous, afraid of everything and life was overwhelming for me.  Now I am like a new person.  I have confidence and I am moving forward in a business doing what I always wanted to do.  I am 1000% secure in my own skin and no longer suffer from the constant loop of negative self-talk.I had experienced many healing sessions with Mary before but coupled with the coaching part we have been able to get specific about the issues that were holding me back.  The continuity of weekly calls helped me to stay on track and achieve a lot in little time. Even my husband remarked about the difference the coaching and healing together has made in me. I have even inspired my daughter to start her own business. I feel like the sky’s the limit.” -WC, Camas, WA

Join me and learn these tools for transformation from the comfort of your own home.

So how much does all this fantastic stuff cost?          

ONLY $47/month (This is the launch price, it’ll be going up.)


How long will it take for me to get success from these tools and techniques?

It depends on how much time you give to learning them.


What results can I expect?

My clients have had tremendous success from utilizing these methods. But you have to work it for it to work for you.


What if I find it isn’t for me?

You can cancel anytime. There are no long term commitments.

Join me and learn these tools for transformation from the comfort of your own home.      

ONLY $47/month (This is the launch price, it’ll be going up.)


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