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Intensive Coaching Program

One Month Program – In Person or on Zoom

This program is a combination of healing sessions and weekly coaching. It is designed to help you get clarity on what you really want in life and how to get there. Many times, our days are spent helping others achieve their dreams while we never get to what we want.

Once you get clear on what you really want, we design the steps to get you there. As you embark on this new path, resistance will show up. The healing sessions remove the old belief patterns and invisible blocks that have been holding you back.

In this program, we define how you want your life to look. We break it down into:

The coaching keeps you accountable and the healing sessions remove the invisible blocks.  You will also have access to my SUPERPOWERS.  These are tried and true tools that help you to move forward. They help with:

These techniques are all included in my Become your Own Guru membership site. You will also receive 2 months free access to the site.

“I had never allowed myself to think I could achieve my dreams. I didn’t have the self-confidence or the belief that I could. After only one month I had a plan and the confidence to move forward to what I really wanted in life.” – A.Z. Longview, WA

“I met Mary years ago in a corporate environment and was immediately attracted to her “brightness.” She had an attractive energy that made me want to be around her, and I always enjoyed our interactions. Career changes plopped us right into each other’s lives again this summer, and imagine my joy at working for a company that paid for me to have weekly sessions with Mary for business coaching and personal development. Unlike most business coaches who think accountability is the magic bullet to increase productivity, Mary understands that the spirit of joy that comes from doing work that MATTERS is the place to start, not throwing down numbers and talking about how to hit those numbers. Her ability to dig into the REAL issues is where the magic is. Whether it’s limiting beliefs or just bad habits that need to be re-directed, she is able to help with the self -discovery that always precedes a breakthrough. Her work as a healer may be a little “woo woo” for some, but anyone wanting to grow personally or professionally would benefit from her consulting and coaching programs. I love me some MARY!” – S.D. Vancouver, WA

4-Week Program Investment: $1500

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