Mary utilizes hypnotherapy to assist you in learning how to achieve a state of focused consciousness by simply guiding you into it.  Once this focused consciousness is achieved, you will then receive direct suggestions that will enable you to use the power of hypnosis in your life.

Hypnosis uses a combination of relaxation and the willingness to pay attention to achieve a heightened state of consciousness or mindfulness.  Hypnotherapy provides direct communication with the subconscious mind. This allows emotions, beliefs, and memories to be brought to light and transformed. Mary will also teach you self-hypnosis as part of your sessions.

What will I experience?

Relaxation of the conscious mind and body

Balancing of the central nervous system

Increased awareness

Decreased sensitivity to things outside the area of focus

Ability to integrate positive intentions on a subconscious level

Truths and Misconceptions

Misconception: A person can become trapped in hypnosis

Truth: hypnosis is a natural state of mind that a person can choose to leave whenever they please.

Misconception: You are asleep or unconscious during hypnosis

Truth: You are not unconscious, but you may feel very relaxed! However, you are still an active participant.

Misconception: You are out of control of the hypnosis

Truth: You are completely in control of the mind and aware of what is happening the entire time. Someone cannot be hypnotized against their own will and cannot be made to do anything that goes against their morals or beliefs. There has never been a case of a person being harmed by entering hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is completely safe and a very pleasant experience!

Misconception: I am not “gullible” enough to be hypnotized

Truth: The ability to enter hypnosis has nothing to do with willpower or not being “gullible” enough. Anyone can enter hypnosis if they are able to accept ideas that are beneficial to them and choose to be responsive to suggestions. If one is willing to follow instructions, hypnosis is possible for you!

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