Work with Mary DeYon One To One - Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Package

Finally!! Address Your Weight Issue Once and For All!​

The Ultimate Your Weight is Over Plan​

  • Are you tired of trying the next new diet and having it work for a while and then you realize it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle for the long term?
      • Do you feel like a failure when a diet that worked for others doesn’t work for you?
      • Are you exhausted from figuring it all out?
    • Are you sick of fat shaming yourself?
        • What if you could turn your mindset around?
        • What if you could begin to appreciate your body and all it has done for you?
    • Are you tired of “weighting” to move forward in your life until you lose weight? Are you putting off:
    • Finding a new job?
    • Starting a business?
    • Taking a class?
    • Doing online dating?
    • Buying clothes?

    What if you could develop a plan that works specifically for you?

    When you take into account all the parts of you and address each one, you begin moving forward in your life with confidence and excitement.

    How do we do this?

    Through a process of self-discovery, connecting with your intuition, removing blocks and reprogramming you to the ideal life you want to live. We address the three aspects of your life to be aligned as you move forward.


    Find the perfect way to eat and move listening to your intuition.


    Change negative mental chatter with affirmations and hypnosis sessions to reprogram your subconscious as we remove the blocks to your success.


    Develop a loving relationship with God, the Universe or whatever you wish to call it, as you listen to your intuition.
    I like getting up in the morning. I have so much more energy for the things I want do. I am losing weight and enjoying the accomplishment not only with weight loss but in other areas of my life. B.G. Scottsdale, AZ
    • 6 Weekly Coaching Sessions:
      • Where you learn about you:
        • What you really want in life
        • How you operate in the world 
        • What it will take for you to succeed.
      • We create your personalized plan and develop the daily habits it takes to be the person you want to be.
    • Learn to enjoy the magic of tapping into your intuition, your inner GPS.
    • 5 one on one hypnosis sessions on Zoom:
      • To get to the root of your issues.
      • To reprogram your subconscious with positive suggestions. 
      • Also includes a healing energy session remotely before each session to remove any blocks to your progress.
      • Learn a Self-Hypnosis program to use to move forward all areas of your life.
    • A full energy healing session to address your overall health and immune system. 
    • Email support with me throughout the program.

    This is a full court press to help you to address your weight from all angles so you can live a life of freedom and joy.

    I am saving so much money along with losing weight. I hadn’t realized how much money I was spending on ice cream, candy, cake, potato chips and Uber Eats. I enjoy cooking again and finding new healthier recipes. It makes me feel great to take care of myself and the pounds are falling off.

    H.S. Phoenix, AZ

    3 Bonuses Included…

    To help you achieve your goals even faster


    2 Hypnosis recordings Anti-Aging and Relaxing into Great Health—these audios help you to feel great about how you look, full of health and vitality.

    3 short Hypnosis recordings—Anxiety Busters—including Calm your Emotions, Dissolve Panic and Quiet Your Mind. These short audios are under 5 minutes and help you to relax whenever you are confronted with stressful situations.



    Additional Playsheets to work through the 7 Self-Defeating Mindsets including Self-Sabotage, Procrastination, Perfectionism, and Not Feeling Good Enough.

    I had been hypnotized for weight loss before. It worked for a while but then I’d gain the weight back. Recently I was hypnotized by Mary DeYon. She did wonders for my mind set. She not only worked on my weight but my attitude toward life. I can honestly say she changed my whole attitude about food. I used to eat from boredom. Now I eat for enjoyment and nourishment. I’ve lost 30 pounds in a few short months with little or no effort. I highly recommend her if you are serious to change the way you think of food and lose those pounds for good!

    D.P. Camas, WA

    A large wave

    What does a typical hypnosis session look like?

    • All sessions are done over Zoom or FaceTime.
    • Most clients enjoy relaxing in their own surroundings.
    • Mary will take the time to learn about you, and your struggle with your weight and/or eating habits.
    • From there, she will answer any questions or concerns you may have.
    • Finally, you will be guided into hypnosis where Mary will give you suggestions specifically designed for you.

    I can’t believe how easy this has been. It’s like I’m on autopilot in a different way. Before, I would eat when I was stressed or bored, now I’m more conscious and choose what and when I decide to eat. I feel more in control about my choices. My whole life has changed.

    P.B. Battleground, WA

    Struggling with your weight can be overwhelming and difficult.  Mary will take the time to get to know you as a person and your specific struggles with your health to create a specific plan for your needs. This includes your likes, dislikes, struggles with food, and exercise habits. There is not a “one size fits all” plan, so Mary takes the time to develop a regimen specifically designed for you. Usually, when one is struggling with weight gain, there are two main contributing factors: eating habits (too much food, not the right foods, etc.) and emotional eating. Hypnotherapy allows a subconscious process to occur, to help you take control over your relationship with food.

    Schedule a call with me to discuss how the Hypnotherapy for weight loss program can work for you.


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