Quitting smoking can be one of the most difficult habits to break and get rid of for good. Hypnosis has helped millions stop smoking, and if you are ready to quit for good, Mary can help you too! If you’ve tried it all, and nothing sticks, it might be time to try hypnosis.

How does it work?

Mary will help you develop a custom plan specifically designed for you. There are two main options to choose from when starting your journey with Mary. The Accelerated Hypnotherapy Program and The Hypnotherapeutic Program.

Accelerated Hypnotherapy Program Hypnotherapeutic Program
– You have quit in the past with little or no difficulty
– You have used hypnosis in the past to successfully quit smoking
– Highly motivated
– Previously tried to quit, but failed due to irritability or emotional issues
– Tried to quit, but failed because of weight gain
– Thinking about quitting makes you nervous or emotional

Together, you and Mary will decide which plan is right for you!  Hypnosis has helped so many people overcome their habit of smoking when nothing else has been successful.  If you are looking for something to kick this destructive habit for good, hypnosis may be the right option for you.


Gaining weight is almost always a worry that comes along with quitting smoking. Luckily, weight gain can be avoidable. If this is a concern of yours, make sure to talk to Mary about it and she can customize a plan for your needs regarding weight gain and how it can be avoided while trying to stop smoking.

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