I have gained more success and happiness from letting go of something rather than learning something new.

Have you done the affirmations, made the vision board, religiously written in a gratitude journal but something seems to be in the way of your success?

If your subconscious mind isn’t on board with what your conscious mind is doing, it is not going to happen. And your subconscious operates 95% of your brain.

You could be holding on to:

  • Limiting beliefs that cause negative programming
  • Long held ideas about how things “should be”
  • Inherited emotions that are handed down in your DNA from many generations ago
  • Emotions from painful past events from:

    • Childhood abuse and trauma
    • Divorce and relationship issues
    • Bankruptcy and Financial issues
    • Choices such as abortions

These emotions are the baggage that weighs you down and keeps you from moving forward.


When you remove these trapped emotions holding you back, your body, mind, and spirit is brought back into balance. Then, you begin to make better choices for your:

  • Money
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Career

Most of my clients feel an underlying peace almost immediately. They become:

  • More relaxed about financial issues and money shows up
  • Able to make healthier choices about food, exercise and self-care
  • More able to create loving relationships
  • Able to be clear about career choices

When you come from this place of peace you realize that everything that happens is for YOUR own good and life becomes magical.

I believe the Magnificent Power that created your body can heal your body using the energy of that same Magnificent Power.

By now you are wondering how this works. I perform the private session with you at a distance so there is no need to meet in person. I do the energy healing session with you on the phone. My approach is non-invasive, intuitive, and empowering. I am humbled to be able to do these sessions and consider them very spiritual. I am a Reiki Master and a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I also use the Body Code, Three Dimensional Therapy, and other healing modalities to help heal my clients. I handle each client with humor and compassion.

Healing/Coaching Sessions

Non-Members $150/Session or 3 Sessions for $400

Members $135/Session or 3 Sessions for $375

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Health Problems
  • Grief
  • Worry

When your main issues have been removed other sessions can be directed to specific issues. For instance:

  • Financial Issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Weight Loss

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