Steps to Freedom: From Frustrated to Fulfilled

One on One Coaching Program

This program is my favorite.  For three months we intensely work together on what you really want in life and remove the invisible blocks to you getting there.  This is a combination of incredible energy healing sessions, accountability coaching, and learning the tools to use on yourself.

The coaching helps you define where you want to go, detail the activities to get there, and keeps you accountable to reach your dream.  The Energy Healing Sessions remove the blocks that come up as you are moving forward.

My goal is for you to wake up every morning like I do—excited about your day. If you are not in that space, you will use one of what I call my Superpowers to get to that magical place. Then life just flows.

And you won’t have to spend years getting there like I did.

My Superpowers are amazing tools and techniques for help with:

  • Releasing trapped emotions
  • Learning to listen to your inner GPS
  • A quick meditation to program yourself to achieve the results you want in any situation
  • Details on a morning ritual that sets the tone for your day
  • A short prayer that calms any relationship problems you may encounter
  • And so much more!

The best part is you can use these tools not only with yourself but with your family and even your pets.

One of these powerful tools is the Emotion Code.  I help you learn this technique. Many people think you have to be gifted to learn this kind of practice. Or they don’t trust themselves to be able to muscle test. I can release the blocks and old beliefs that hold that thinking in place. It is just a skill like anything else that you can learn.

There are many more techniques for living a happy life that I will teach you over the course of this program.

I also do a number of intense clearings for you.  These Comprehensive Energy Healing Sessions are performed by me over the course of a few weeks including:

  • Heart Wall—check for and let go of emotions that keep your heart’s love from reaching the world. This may take several sessions. You will feel the freedom of being able to give and receive love unencumbered by past pain.
  • Genetic, Ancestral and Soul Level Blocks—releasing inherited blocks that may be holding you back. This includes any vows or oaths your soul may be carrying. The transformation from this is incredible.
  • The 3 R’sReleasing Rejection, Resentment, and Regret is an amazing process that can free your brain space for more creative pursuits.
  • Changing old patterns of beingRemoval of old beliefs and instilling new ones for a whole new you. You will feel empowered to move to the life you really want.
  • Health Evaluation—checking your immune system, organs, glands and chakras to make sure they are communicating both with your heart and your brain. This helps us to find health issues that may be impeding your progress.
  • Remove the Wall—removing common emotions that keep you walled off from your dreams. When these emotions are released you feel a new sense of freedom.
  • Resistance Elimination—letting go of specific blocks to your particular dreams. Whether it is money issues, emotional eating or any fears you have about moving forward. You will be free.
We talk once a week and there is also email support available all through this process.  I am so closely connected to you during this journey I feel like we are joined at the hip.  I actually have dreams sometimes about what to work on with you.  It is so fulfilling for me to work with you in this way.

When you go through this program, your friends and family will also be affected by the changes in you as you achieve your goals.

“I’ve been in Mary’s program and I’ve noticed dramatic changes in my life. I had an ongoing problem with food getting stuck in my throat and was at the point where I was going to schedule an appointment for an endoscopy, but Mary came to my rescue. This issue is totally gone! I’ve also been desiring to be in a committed, long-term relationship and, as a result of Mary’s clearing work, I met someone a short time later. I also increased my monthly income substantially!

Not only is Mary a skilled energy healer, she is the most compassionate and loving person to have as a coach. She’s a cheerleader for my success, holding the vision for my goals even when I become doubtful. She’s always there when I need her and checks in with me often to ask how I’m doing. If you want to remove blocks that have been holding you back, I highly recommend signing up for this program!”

Sheree, Lake Worth, FL

If you’re ready to commit and do what it takes to get big results, this program is for you.

“When I first began the coaching program with Mary I felt like a scared little rabbit.  I was always nervous, afraid of everything and life was overwhelming for me.  Now I am like a new person.  I have confidence and I am moving forward in a business doing what I always wanted to do.  I am 1000% secure in my own skin and no longer suffer from the constant loop of negative self-talk.I had experienced many energy healing sessions with Mary before but coupled with the coaching part we have been able to get specific about the issues that were holding me back.  The continuity of weekly calls helped me to stay on track and achieve a lot in little time. Even my husband remarked about the difference the coaching and energy healing together has made in me. I have even inspired my daughter to start her own business. I feel like the sky’s the limit.”

WC, Camas WA

3-Month Program: $5000

A payment plan can be arranged.

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“I have been coaching with Mary and her entire program has really made some positive changes in my life. When I first started working with her, I was young, shy, timid, and going down a career path that I wasn’t entirely sure was for me. Fast forward to now I am way more in touch with myself and what I want my future to look like. I am successful in my career, which is a career that I am 100% happy with, I am way more independent, and I actually have a voice that I am not afraid to use. I know what I want and I am not afraid to go after it. This huge change in myself and in my career is the greatest thing that could have happened to me and I owe a lot of it to Mary and her program. Mary has also helped with certain anxieties that I face in my life. She has given me multiple exercises to utilize when I am facing these anxieties and they have helped tremendously. Mary is such a great person and if you get the chance to work with her, you won’t regret it! I hope that she helps you in the great ways that she has helped me!”

MK, Battleground WA