Meet Mary

Picture this:  It was 1970, I’m a new student at Arizona State University with hair down to my waist, flowers in my hair, there were flowers EVERYWHERE.

We were marching for Civil rights, Women’s Rights and against the Vietnam War.

NOT against the soldiers—these were our brothers and friends. If they couldn’t get a medical or student deferment they were coming back in body bags. Or nothing like the sweet boys we knew before they went.

We did Sit-Ins and Love-Ins. We were all about PEACE. “Make love, not war,” was our slogan. I was fresh out of Catholic School from Ohio looking around the ASU campus thinking, “Wow, this is what life is really like?”

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My strict religious upbringing never felt right, and I was looking for another way to find my connection to God.  I studied all kinds of religions and they all said basically the same thing: “The kingdom of heaven is within” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

I studied some Eastern techniques that talked about chakras and acupuncture meridians. I learned yoga and Transcendental Meditation. The Beatles were meditating so I knew it was cool. I also learned energy techniques for eliminating stress and being happy every day.

Then I had to grow up and face the real world. I got married and had a beautiful baby boy. Somehow, I knew I was going to be a single Mom so I went into the sales business. It was the only thing I knew I could do to make the same money as men in the 70’s.

I devoured sales books. I learned all the jargon and hard-core closing techniques the Sales Gurus were teaching along with the rules:

  • Make 100 calls a day
  • Don’t eat lunch with anyone who can’t make you money
  • Don’t eat lunch until you sell something

There were some long days of relentlessly driving myself and abusing my body to make money. I’d starve myself with hideous diets. Then beat myself into submission with insane exercise programs.

One particular morning I was working out to an aerobics tape. There I was sweating to the “No pain, no gain” chant of Jane Fonda in my Danskin leotard complete with the turquoise headband and purple leg warmers. My sweet son was intently watching me from the couch eating his Cheerios.  After a few minutes he said, “Well, Mom, you sort of look like the girl on TV, except your legs are fluffier.”

Thanks, son. After years of abusing myself with insane exercise programs I now realize my legs will always be fluffier than Jane Fonda’s.

My point is that we treat our bodies like they are outside of us, not part of us. We listen to everyone else instead of what our bodies are saying.

But, back then I continued to ignore what my body was telling me and eventually ended up in bed for three months hardly able to breathe, with diabetes, and burned out adrenals.

As I laid there I remembered some of the energy techniques I did in my younger years. I began studying other energy techniques to get well. I learned Reiki, a Japanese hands-on healing energy technique to alleviate my distress. I used it on my son’s sport injuries when he was in high school. I used it to relieve the discomfort of our pets. I also helped some friends that had health issues.

This was the 90’s and I had a design business in the downtown area of a small mill town. My husband was in Real Estate at the time. We were involved in many community groups. At one event someone said to him, “I heard your wife is in a cult.”

Immediately I freaked out and imagined the whole town marching down Main Street with torches and pitch forks yelling, “Get her. Burn her at the stake.”

So, needless to say, I hid my energy stuff for many years. Until now.

I use many different techniques with my clients to help remove the blocks to their success.

I am healthier now than I was 25 years ago. I no longer have diabetes. I don’t take any medications. I’m 70. I have all my body parts, except the tonsils they ripped out just for fun back in the good ole days.

I have not been in the hospital since I had that beautiful baby boy. And, now I have two beautiful granddaughters that I really enjoy. I am happier and healthier than when I was in my 40’s! I know Hypnosis and  this crazy energy stuff works and can also make you healthier and happier.


By now you are wondering how this works. I perform the private session with you at a distance so there is no need to meet in person.  I do the energy balancing session with you on the phone and the Hypnosis sessions on Zoom or FaceTime. My approach is non-invasive, intuitive, and empowering. I am humbled to be able to do these sessions and consider them very spiritual. Along with being a certified Hypnotherapist, I am a Reiki Master and a Certified Emotion and Body Code Practitioner. I also use Three Dimensional Therapy, and other modalities to help my clients. I handle each client with humor and compassion.

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